Ideally, you are looking to move forward on a project in an informed manner. Ahead of you may be lease negotiations, regulated trade work, rent renegotiation, resolution of disputes over executory contracts, and you want to gain the advantage of working with an attorney who knows the nuts and bolts of contracting, leasing, licensure, best business practices, and mitigating risk.

I provide a full range of litigation, mediation and arbitration services. My experience in this area includes resolution of commercial and residential lease disputes, agricultural land lease disputes, zoning disputes, transient accommodation management and compliance, landlord-tenant disputes, move-out monitoring, disputes over property sale contracts, quiet title litigation, rent renegotiation.

Condominium and home owners associations general counsel

I provide guidance on board decisions to minimize conflict, implement collaborative methods of governance, ensure boards meet their future construction and maintenance responsibilities, to avoid litigation with homeowners and to ensure statutory compliance. Well functioning condominium associations and home owner associations have the potential to bring greater enjoyment to residents, lower costs for the association and owners, and enhance the value of investment returns for owners.  My aim is to prevent issues from arising with thoughtful and careful planning, and to defend when conflict unavoidably arises.

Landlord-Tenant issues

I represent institutional landlords, commercial property management companies, realtors, renters and tenants.  In Hawaii, landlords and tenants alike are protected by the Landlord Tenant Code.  Landlords in Hawaii can expect tenants to fulfill the obligation to maintain the premises in as good a condition as it was given.  Tenants have the right to exclusively possess the premises and to enjoy it.  Our laws strike a balance between the money interests of the landlord and the rights of tenants.  My advocacy in this area of law extends beyond assisting landlords in evictions and tenants in the defense of damages claims, but to making sure that the legal solution sought is one that will provide comprehensive results.

If you cannot find the landlord-tenant law question you have below, please feel free to contact me by clicking the Consultations button on this page.

  • What do you do if your tenant is using your property as an Airbnb?
  • What if a potential landlord, upon meeting you, tells you they cannot rent to you because you are of a certain religion or don’t speak English well enough or are or single woman?
  • What if your landlord has locked you out claiming you are late in paying your rent?
  • What if your landlord has threatened to evict you because you are persistent in your requests that the landlord repair a broken appliance?
  • What do you do if you are in the military and received orders overseas and have given your landlord notice that you are therefore terminating your lease and your landlord has seized your personal property to ensure you pay rent they claim you owe?
  • How do you properly evict a tenant and sue to gain possession of your property?
  • What if your tenant regularly fails to pay rent and is now two months in arrears?
  • What do you do if your landlord did not give your deposit back and its now months later?
  • What do you do if your landlord is suing you to get possession of your home and is claiming you severely damaged the property?
  • What do you do if your landlord is incessantly showing up at your home unannounced?
  • What if scary black mold has begun to form in vents and in the cracks of walls and you or your children have begun to experience respiratory problems, can you break your lease?
  • How you do handle a list of items that are broken and need repair and your landlord had delayed or refuses to fix them?

The issues that arise between landlords and tenants are seemingly endless, and there is a solution for every situation. Let me help you pursue the solution that works best for you.

Construction Litigation

As Hawaii’s third largest industry, construction provides many of us with a source of income or with the services we need to build the homes and businesses of our dreams.

For contractors or those seeking to enter the construction industry, I provide licensure services and guidance as you build your clientele and can help you navigate bidding and contracting, subcontracts, bonds and insurance.  When issues involving construction defects, breach of contract, delays, changes and disruptions, arise, I am skilled at negotiating resolution. I am comfortable pursuing matters through arbitration and litigation under the Contractor’s Repair Act.